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Underwell X BRODO (Pesto)

Underwell X BRODO (Pesto)

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Cotton is very soft and lightweight. Thus, the underneath clothing made up of this fiber is comfortable. The fabric has tiny pores that allow breathing well. Keeping the ventilation and air circulation to the next level, cotton underwear provides a comfy feel down there. Cotton has high absorbency and is moisture resistant.Thus, it can keep dry even during the hottest day of summer.

The fabric is stronger when wet than dry. Moreover, it can withstand heat, detergent and even bleach. This ensures the durability of the underneath article. However, it is more prone to shrinkage if not treated properly.These are blended with spandex in the right proportion to ensure quality, comfort, and durability along with ample flexibility which specifically used to add stretchiness to the fabric of the undergarment.

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